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Plainfield North HS students e...

Plainfield North HS students earn national German test honors

Feb 21, 2018

Nearly 55 percent of the Plainfield North High School students who took the National German Exam earned special honors for their achievement.

In all, 27 PNHS students took the rigorous test and 15 earned special designation for their top scores.

“We are proud of all of our students for taking the National German Exam which is a very challenging exam that requires a lot of hard work and skill,” said PNHS German teacher Jennifer Ibanez.

Junior Cyndy Zhu and senior Rebecca Lau earned a “Goldurkunde” or Gold Certificate for scoring in the 90th to 99th percentiles on the exam. Lau’s score also fell in the top 5 percent of all scores for level 4 students across the nation.

Zhu is now eligible to receive the American Association of Teachers of German/PAD Study Trip Award where she would have the opportunity to spend three to four weeks living in Germany

Lau earned this award last year. 

These students earned a Bronzeurkunde or Bronze Certificate for scoring in the 70th to 79th percentiles:

  • Oliver Rotkis (senior)
  • Andrea Ballard (junior)

These students earned Certificates of Achievement for scoring in the 50th to 69th percentiles:

  • Mary Kate Hynek (senior)
  • Adam Hass (senior)
  • Emily Gordon (junior)
  • Nicholas Lowe (junior)
  • Jenna Sussenbach (junior)
  • Connor O’Mahoney (junior)
  • Jared Zilic (junior)
  • David Tiu (junior)
  • Sarah Lau (junior)
  • Allison Bhatti (junior)
  • Walker Peck (junior)

These students also took the National German Exam:

  • Matthew Richmond (senior)
  • Ryley Burich (senior)
  • Alexander Martin (senior)
  • James Wylie (junior)
  • Nicholas Miller (junior)
  • Logan Todorovic (junior)
  • Corrin Nielsen (junior)
  • Daniel Martzolf (junior)
  • Alexis Boehnke (junior)
  • Shraddha Ghanta (junior)
  • Mark Schwandt (junior)
  • Devyn Dutton (junior)