Student Registration
Change of Address

Change of Address

When a student moves within the district during the school year, you must go to your child's school to complete an address change form for your child. You must present three proofs of residency as listed below: (We do not accept faxes)

3 Proofs of Residency1 or 2 from each Category to make 3 total

Category A - One or two of the following:

  • Most recent real estate tax bill, OR
  • Lease agreement for currently occupied residence, OR
  • Warranty Deed, OR
  • Closing / settlement statement from the purchase of your home (which includes the address as well as buyers' and sellers' signatures), OR
  • A notarized Student Residency Questionnaire, along with the homeowner's proof of residency, AND

Category B - One or two of the following:

  • Photo ID from Foreign Country
  • Letter from Department of Immigration
  • Utility bill naming you the responsible person at the address
  • Homeowner/renter insurance for that address
  • Public Aid Card
  • Cellular Phone Bill
  • Automobile registration/Auto Insurance


NOTE: If you do not own or rent the home in which you are residing, please obtain the residency affidavit and bring the documents listed on the cover sheet of that document.

If the student's new address is in a different school's attendance zone, you have the option to allow the student to complete the school year provided the parent transports the student to and from school. The other option would be to transfer your child to the home school according to the new address.