ESY Information

ESY Information

ESY will be in session from Wednesday, June 10th through Thursday, July 16th.  There will be no classes held on Fridays.   There will be no school on Thursday, July 2nd due to the holiday. All ESY activities will be scheduled between the hours of 9:00 AM-11:30 AM on ESY School Days.  

Remote Learning:
Staff will utilize computer-based programs, phone and video conferencing for instruction.  Examples include Google Classroom, Google Meet or Zoom for Education.   ESY staff may request that your child be available at a specific time for these activities.   Please refer to the Remote Learning for ESY plan posted on the district website at http://www.psd202.org/page/ss_esy  

Contact Information:
If you have any questions prior to Wednesday, June 8th, please contact Cheril Phillips via email.  If you have questions once ESY Remote Learning is in session, please contact your child’s ESY Teacher and/or their Related Service Provider(s). Additional questions can be sent to your child’s Site Supervisor (see contact information below) once ESY is in Session.

Director of ESY
Cheril Phillips                
Site Supervisors

Current Preschool Students
Elizabeth Massaro

Current K-5 Students & All Structured Rec. Programs
Jason Stanley

Current Middle School, High School and PSTEP Students
Joe Schertz