COVID-19 Information (updated May 22, 2020)
Reporting District 202 COVID-19/Coronavirus Information

Reporting District 202 COVID-19/Coronavirus Information

District 202 has created a special email address and phone line for District 202 staff and families of District 202 students. Please use this email and phone line to report COVID-19 information related to a student or staff member in your family unit (direct family, living in the same household).  

This email and phone line is not for reporting cases suspected in others outside your family unit. Please tell us about:

  • Doctor-suspected cases of COVID-19 where testing has been completed 
  • Doctor-recommended quarantining
  • Confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Phone Number: (815)577-4342
Email:  COVID-19@psd202.org

When calling or emailing, please tell us:

  • Student’s first and last name, spelling the last name
  • Student ID number, if known
  • Student’s school building and grade
  • Information on the situation 
  • Best way to contact you back, if needed 

The district will only return calls related to testing, required quarantine, or diagnosis of COVID-19 for a student or staff member in your family unit. You will not get a response if you’re reporting anything other than COVID-19 related information for someone in your family unit. 

Thank you for continuing to practice social distancing and proper handwashing techniques.