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Chicago Fire Juniors West Soccer Club Summer Camps 2019

Chicago Fire Juniors West Soccer Club Summer Camps 2019 - Download Flyer

Gender: Both Genders
Staff or Students: Students
Grade Level: All Grades
School: All Schools

The Summer Soccer Skills Challenge provides each player with a series of challenges that provide a tangible score for each soccer-specific technical discipline, these collective scores are added together to give an overall tally of a player’s all-round soccer skills. This measurable data will present players with confirmation of where they are strong and confident and also provide direction towards a developmental pathway of areas to improve upon. The camp embodies not just skills testing, but rather a whole summer soccer camp experience inclusive of technical skill development, goal scoring, small-sided competitive game play & plenty of scrimmage time. Each day of camp will focus on a training theme consistent with the series of the Summer Soccer Skills Challenges and preparing players for the Skills Analysis & Testing that will take up only a small component of each training day. The full range of training activities and game play with teammates will be delivered alongside the added competition of the Summer Soccer Skills Challenges. Each of the 3 weeks of Chicago Fire Juniors WEST Summer 2019 Soccer Camps will have a distinctive feel as training activities will change from camp to camp. Teammates, friends and opponents will change from camp to camp. And the CFJ West coaching staff will rotate as well to provide a differing range of professional and qualified coaches each week

End Date: 2019-07-24