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The "Anxiety Monster" is focus of District 202 parent program

District 202 families can learn strategies for addressing childhood and adolescent anxiety at a special program at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at Plainfield High School – Central Campus, 24120 W. Fort Beggs Drive, Plainfield.

The District 202 Plainfield Parent Community Network (PPCN) will present “Anxiety Monster – How to Turn Godzilla into Pete’s Dragon”This free program will be held in the PHSCC auditorium. Please park on the north side of the school near the Freshman Center, and enter at Door G.

“Anxiety is not a bad word, it’s a normal human emotion. However it becomes a problem when it starts interfering with our lives,” said Tim Albores, District 202 director of high school student services. Albores helped create the PPCN.

“Anxiety can cause major emotional and behavioral issues for today’s children given the increasing number of stressors that our children face today,” Albores said. “Dr. Koehler will offer some proven methods to help parents help their children in times of extreme stress.”

Dr. Laura Koehler, a licensed clinical psychologist and clinical supervisor of anxiety services at Linden Oaks Behavioral Health will discuss:

  • Strategies to help your child manage overwhelming emotions in a healthy way
  • The biggest mistakes parents make in reacting to strong emotions in their children and the risks associated with over-accommodation in response to anxiety and stress
  • Surprisingly simple ideas to promote resilience and self-soothing
  • What to do in response to school anxiety, school avoidance and school refusal behaviors
  • How to decrease anxiety and increase rational thinking using Distress Tolerance Survival Strategies
  • Ways to identify and manage risk when anxiety and overwhelming emotions are out of control
  • Ideas to create a skills “tool box” stocked with concrete items to facilitate coping
  • Practical tips to empower children to improve overall functioning in response to anxiety, stress and other strong emotions

The program will be available in both English and Spanish.

District 202 social workers, special education administrators and counselors formed the PPCN last fall to support parents with common parenting needs. “This group is intended to be a community resource for everyone,” said District 202 High School Student Services Director Tim Albores.

This is the third PPCN meeting this school year. A committee comprising district administrators, principals, counselors and community members oversees the PPCN.

Please visit please visit for more information about the PPCN including podcasts of this year’s first two programs on “Internet Safety” and “Drug Use and Addiction”.


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