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New program will let D. 202 high school students “rent” laptops -- D. 202 Student Ambassadors suggested idea

District 202 high school students next year will be able to “rent” district laptops for up to three days to use for special projects thanks to an idea suggested by student leaders.

The Board of Education’s new Student Ambassadors presented the plan to the Board earlier this spring, and the Board approved it at its May 28, 2019 regular meeting.

Starting September 1, 2019, high school students will be able to check out a refurbished district laptop as they would do with a book.

They will be able to keep the devices for up to three days free of charge if the device is returned undamaged. Students will pay $100 if a laptop is damaged beyond repair or lost, and then cannot check out laptops again.

“Some families and their students cannot afford computers or Internet access at home, so this is a great way to make sure all our students have appropriate resources to support their learning in and out of the classroom,” said Dr. Glenn Wood, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

Wood praised the Board Ambassadors for presenting the idea.

“This is exactly what we hoped for when we created the Board Ambassador program,” Wood said.

“Students often know far better what their peers actually want and need than adults, because we as adults are somewhat removed from their real-life experiences,” he said.

The group, comprising one student from each of the four District high schools convened in January 2019. They shared information at subsequent Board meetings about school life and student issues. The Ambassadors do not vote on district business.

This year’s initial Ambassadors included Plainfield North High School graduate Jack Anderson; Plainfield High School – Central Campus graduate Hannah Darbro; Plainfield East High School graduate Peyton Washington; and Plainfield South High School senior Brooke Poston.

New Student Ambassadors will report to the Board of Education in 2019-20.


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