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Ira Jones Middle School student wins Will County regional Spelling Bee

  Ira Jones Middle School seventh grader Omer Mescioglu won the 2020 Will County Regional Spelling Bee on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at Lockport East High School.

Mescioglu bested 45 other students from middle schools throughout Will County, seven from District 202, to win the spelling bee. He won after 18 rounds by correctly spelling the word "schooner."

Mescioglu won a Kindle e-reader, a tablet, one-year subscription to Encyclopedia Britannia online, a subscription to Webster’s Dictionary online, a certificate for a 2020 Mint Proof, and an interview with WJOL radio (1340 AM) morning host Scott Slocum.

Ira Jones Middle School will also receive $300 for books from Scholastic for Mescioglu’s win.

Com Ed will fly Mescioglu to Washington, D.C. to compete in written spelling bees. If he does well in the written rounds, he will be on ESPN in May at the Scripps Spelling Bee.




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