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Creekside Elementary teacher delivers educational goody baskets to her students

Creekside Elementary School full-day kindergarten Teacher Lori Anne Summers gives air high fives to two of her students after delivering goody baskets to their homes.   Creekside Elementary School full-day kindergarten teacher Lori Anne Summers delivered goody baskets to her students’ homes, while maintaining social distancing, to enhance their remote learning experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After weeks of being away from her students, Summers wanted to provide extra learning materials and emotional support to her students.

“I know the little ones need an emotional connection with their teacher,” Summers said. “I wanted to do more than just communicate with technology.”

Summers wanted to see her students in person, even if from a distance, and let them know how much she missed them. “I wanted to give them emotional support during such a confusing time,” she said.

She also dropped off goody baskets for each student as she checked in on them. The goody bags included items such as a personalized letter from herself, pencils, chalk to draw and practice high frequency words, notepads, and a pack of sunflowers seeds to plant as part of their living things science unit.

“All of the items inside the goody baskets encourage outdoor play, interacting with family members and enhancing our core curriculum,” Summers said.


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