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Bonnie McBeth Learning Center Preschool for All programs earn Gold Circle of Quality

Ina Brixey, retired District 202 kindergarten teacher, reads a book to preschool students at the Ina Brixey Center in October 2019. The center opened in August 2019 and was given a Gold Circle of Quality from ExceleRate Illinois. The rating grades preschool facilities on a variety of items including teaching methods and physical space setup.

Bonnie McBeth Learning Center and three of its satellite Preschool for All programs have earned the Gold Circle of Quality from ExceleRate Illinois.

Bonnie McBeth, the Ina Brixey Center and early learning classrooms at Freedom and Charles Reed elementary schools earned the honor in 2019.

This is the first time the Ina Brixey Center qualified since it opened in the August 2019.

ExceleRate Illinois rates preschool facilities using the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale, said Mina Griffith, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.

The award is a high accomplishment, she said.

“This rating recognizes the hard work our staff has done to not only set up the physical environment, but also use the high-quality instructional practices to support early childhood development,” Griffith said.

District 202’s Preschool for All program serves 320 students and is funded by a grant, said Maria Maguire, Preschool for All Coordinator.

“(The rating) means we have a high-quality preschool program to offer our families,” Maguire said. “Families will know that their children are in a safe, healthy and learning environment.”

The district’s Preschool for All program began in 2004 and provides free preschool to children ages 3 through 5.

Students must qualify for the program and are assessed on how socially and academically ready they are for preschool.

The district’s Preschool for All program has earned a Gold Rating since the system began its evaluations in 2014.

Preschool for All programs at Bonnie McBeth, Thomas Jefferson and Creekside elementary schools, and Plainfield East High School earned the gold in 2014.

Programs at Bonnie McBeth, Aux Sable Middle School, Charles Reed, Lincoln and Ridge elementary schools earned the rating in 2018.

Bonnie McBeth satellite locations hosted in other District 202 schools were not reviewed as part of this year’s cycle.

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