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IEP or 504 Student Accommodations

Remote Learning is designed to extend your child’s learning while they are at home.  If your child has an IEP or 504 plan, they may need accommodations and tools to complete the daily Remote Learning activities chosen in each content area.  Please refer to your child’s IEP or 504 plan for their specific accommodations. We are also providing a list of general accommodations and tools with explanations that will assist your child in completing these activities.  

Accommodations to consider in all subject areas and grade levels:




Allow Movement and Breaks

Allow student to have frequent movement breaks to help with attention/focus


Brain breaks

First/then statements (ex: first complete *insert task*, then you may *insert reward*)


A small electronic device used to make mathematical calculations using a keyboard and visual display.  

Calculator on phone, computer, tablet, or hand-held calculator

Checks for Understanding

A periodic check of student understanding

Checking student’s work to ensure he/she is understanding the material or asking if the student has any questions about the content

Chunking/ Segmenting Assignment

Break assignments into smaller sections

Have students complete 5 problems at a time instead of the entire assignment at one time.


Grid Paper/Lined Paper

Paper with built in spacing to help organize and solve math problems such as long division, decimals, and fractions.

Grid paper

Highlight Keywords/Points 

Highlight or underline keywords/points within the text to maximize understanding 

Highlight clue words indicating the task the directions are asking them to do

Math - highlight key words that indicate the needed operation(s).  

Reading - highlight clue words for the task the questions are asking them to do. 

Math Manipulatives

Any small objects used to help student solve math problems 






Quiet Location

To ensure focus, ensure the student has a quiet location to work.

Student works away from environmental distractions such as TV, siblings, center of the home


Prompting to refocus attention to the current task. 

“You’ve been doing a great job, let’s keep working”


Rephrase/Reword the question or directions in a way that students can understand

Repeat the directions or questions as needed for task completion 

Simplify or re-explain the directions by Using language at the level of a child’s understanding. 

Take unnecessary words out of questions or directions to simplify

Rewards and Reinforcers

Provide a reward to reinforce good choices upon completion of tasks or a specified number of tasks. 

Student choose their favorite activity


Star on paper

Positive reinforcement (nice work)


A person will write a student’s answer as they dictate it, word-for-word. 

If your child states “the boy runned at the park” you will write the answer exactly as they stated it. 

*Do not correct grammar* 

Speech to Text

Students can talk while the software will type what they say. Remember to say punctuation marks ex. “period”

Google voice typing


Text to Speech

Software will read the text on the screen 

Snap&Read Directions 

How to download extension

Human Reader

Google Screen Reader

Visual Aids 

Visuals such as pictures, charts, or drawings that help students complete a task.

Multiplication Chart

100s Chart

Graphic Organizers

Task Strips


Word Prediction Software

Software that will phonetically predict words typed

CoWriter Directions 

How to download extension 

Word Processor

Any technology that can be used to type a response

‘Note’ app on cell phone or other similar apps

Google Docs

Google Docs Directions  

Microsoft Word(Office 365)

Word and Google Docs login:



Password: student’s school password


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