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Accommodations & Modifications

Plainfield Community Consolidated District 202 implements a wide range of accommodations and modifications based on individualized student needs. The determination of use of these accommodations and modifications for student success will be made by the Individual Education Program Team and implemented by trained educational professionals.


Provisions made in how a student accesses and demonstrates learning. These do not substantially change the instructional level, the content or the performance criteria. The changes are made in order to provide a student equal access to learning and equal opportunity to demonstrate what is known. Examples include:

  • Pacing: adjusting the speed of the lesson; possibly allowing frequent breaks
  • Environment: preferential seating; altering physical oom arrangement
  • Presentation of Material: emphasizing a multi-model teaching approach; individualizing/small group instruction; using manipulatives/hands-on activities; utilizing graphic organizers; providing visual cues; enlarging print; use of technology for alternate visual presentation
  • Materials and Equipment: taping texts; highlighting material; supplemental material; note taking assistance/copies from others; use of a calculator, computer, word processor; specialized equipment as determined by IEP team
  • Grading: alternative assessment techniques; modified expectations based on current ability; opportunities for independent study
  • Assignments: adjusting length, format, and presentation  of assignment
  • Testing Adaptations: reading test to student (in person or recorded); shortening length of test; changing test format (essay vs. fill-in-blank vs. multiple choice, etc…); adjusting time for testcompletion; permitting oral answers; scribing test answers for student; permitting open book/notes exams; permitting testing in different locations (small group testing)
  • Organization: maintaining assignment notebook


Substantial changes in what a student is expected to learn and demonstrate. These changes are made to provide a student the opportunity to participate meaningfully and productively in learning experiences and environments. Modifications include changes in instruction level, content, and/or performance criteria. Examples of modifications include:

  • Omitting assignments that require timed situations,  restriction of certain types of assignments
  • Presentation of Subject Matter: utilizing specialized curriculum written at a lower level of understanding (requires consultation with support facilitator)
  • Materials and Equipment/Assistive Technology: adapting or simplifying texts for lower level of understanding; modifying content  areas by simplifying vocabulary, concepts and principles.
  • Grading: modifying weights of examinations and  assignments
  • Assignments: lowering reading level of assignment;  adapting worksheets; packets with simplified vocabulary
  • Testing Adaptations: lowering reading level of test