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Communicable and Infectious Diseases

The following chart, taken from the Rules and Regulations of the Illinois Department of Public Health, will help in diagnosing and treating some common childhood ailments:




Exclusion from School

Chicken Pox

Rash (successive crops of red dots that turn into fluid-filled blisters and then dry up to form scabs), fever

Not less than five days after appearance of eruption


Fever, nausea, pain, and swelling of jaws

Nine days after onset of swelling

German Measles

Rash (small pinkish red blotches beginning behind ears and on face), slight swelling of neck glands

Seven days after rash onset


Starts like a cold with fever, watery eyes and nose, sneezing, and slight cough

Four days after appearance of rash

Scarlet Fever and all Strep Infections

Fever, vomiting, sore throat, rash (pinpoint dots) on upper parts of neck and  chest, strawberry tongue

24 hours after treatment has been received


Redness of the eye with itching and burning of the lids and discharge

24 hours after treatment has been received


Skin infection (yellowish crust)

24 hours after treatment has been received


Itching of anus

24  hours after treatment has been received

Head Lice and Nits

Itching at nape of neck and around ears

Until treated with medicated shampoo

All symptoms must be gone before a child returns to school.