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Embedded Documents

Bilingualism Eng

Bilingualism Sp

ELL Program Access English

ELL Program AccessSpanish

RV BOH food drive

Vaccine info

Vaccine consent

YMCA Kidzone promo

Joliet Library staff

Joliet Library families

Mod Pizza

Comm Agendas

Library Program

Hazel Marie's

Financial efficiency

3-17-21 Comms

I-ready (eng)

I-read (sp)

BOH Liberty

PEBT program (eng)

PEBT program (sp)

Statement of Affirmantion for CCC

Financial Aid Workshop

Sorority CAP College info

College Planning Event

Mobile Food Pantry (030921) eng

Mobile Food Pantry (030921) sp

PEBT Reminder 022521 (eng)

PEBT Reminder 022521 (sp)

State IAR Eng

State IAR Sp

Wilco Scholarship


CAPE Forum Zoom

HBCU Awareness Night

Ernest Crim event PSHS

PPA and CI agendas 021721

GED reminder eng

GED reminder sp

Joliet Crossing Guard

Special Board meeting 021121

PSHS Process

PSHS Freshman courses

Bags of Hope/IJMS

PNHS testing 0214 eng

PNHS testing 0214 sp.

Food Bank 2-9 eng

Food Bank 2-9 sp

PEBT engl


GED eng

GED sp

Kendall Vaccine Info UPDATED

PNHS testing eng

PNHS testing sp

PHSCC testing eng

PHSCC testing sp

2021 CAPE Scholarship

PNHS Freshman Course Addendum

PNHS Course Instructions

PNHS Freshman Courses

PSHS Freshman List

PSHS Course Selection

Food application eng

Food application sp

EP Food Drive

Food Bank 1-27-21 sp

Food Bank 1-27-21 eng

Testing PEHS English

Testing PEHS Sp

Testing PSHS English

Testing PSHS Sp


BOH Drive Creekside

ACCESS English

ACCESS Spanish

Mobile Food Bank 1-12-21

South Presentation

North Presentation

Fast Facts 2020

YMCA Kidzone

Kidzone financial 

Kidzone financial sp

Covid Joliet 12-14

Covid Joliet 12-14 sp

Mobil Food Pantry 12-16-20

Covid Joliet 12-6

Covid Joliet 12-6 sp

Covid Minooka 2

Covid Minooka 2 sp

Covid Minooka

Covid Minooka sp

Covid Joliet eng

Covid Joliet sp

I-ready spanish


Turkey Drop

Mobile Food Pantry 11-18


American Legion

BOH drive PA

Kendall County testing (eng)

Kendall County testing (sp)

Lane Update Letter (102220)

FAFSA worshop

FAFSA instructions english

FAFSA instruction spanish

PEHS Bags of Hope Drive

Bags of Hope Drive

Return info for parents

Covid Mobile Test (english)

Covid Mobile Test (spanish)

MS Oct. 20th schedule

HS Oct. 20th schedule

Com Ed


Batinick FAFSA

Updated Kidzone (100820)

YMCA programs (october)

Logo Contest

Park District 093020

McKinney Vinto (eng)

McKinney Vinto (sp)

Romeoville eng

Romeoville sp

Give Something Back

Online computer classes (sp)

YMCA Virtual Teen Programs

College application seminar

Title 9 Training Materials








PSHS Boys Cross Country 082820

Laptop Cameras


Desktop screenshot


Remote Learning FAQ

Curbside Meal Service

Wilco letter

Park District program

Scout Club flier

PNHS Band Boosters

GED eng

GED sp

YMCA Kidzone

YMCA employee special offer

YMCA employment

YMCA financial aid

Curbside Meal Service

Five Day Meal Pickup Menus through October

Mobile Food Pantry 8-18 eng

Mobile Food Pantry 8-18 sp

E-learning/Remote Learning (122420)

Bags of Hope PSHS

Food Pantry 08-04 eng

Food Pantry 08-04 sp

Food Pantry 7-29 SP

Food Pantry 7-29 eng

Bags of Hope PHSCC

Food Pantry July 21st

Bags of Hope PA

Food Pantry July 7th

Food Pantry June 25th Spanish

Food Pantry June 25th English

DPMS Hygiene Drive

Bags of Hope PNHS

Hartgrove English

Hartgrove Spanish

Bags of Hope PEHS

Food Pantry June 12th

Hartgrove Group Therapy

SNAP (spanish)

SNAP (english)

Food Pantry May 27th



PNHS Hargrove

PA Food Drive

Food Bank 050720

Poster Contest

Wilco Career REadiness award

PNHS registration

PNHS 8th grade info

Senior info (eng)

Senior info (sp)

Plainfield PD scholarship

Food bank 042320 (sp)

Food bank 042320 (eng)

BOE April 13, 2020

Food bank 040820

Seal of Biliteracy

March 27 update (sp)

March 27 update (eng)

Library cards

Lunch Letter 031520 (sp)

Lunch Letter 031520 (eng)

Covid Parent Update (sp) 3-13-20

Covid Parent Update (eng) 3-13-20

Talking to Students about Coronavirus (031120)

Mumps general

Mumps Staff Direct

Mumps Staff Indirect

Mumps RMI

Mumps student direct 031020

SPED PTO meeting 031020

Coronafamily 030620 (eng)

Coronafamily030620 (sp)


Blackhawks Tix for Police

Tiger Football Camp 2020

PEHS Belle Breakfast 2020

D. 202 Census forums

JJC Census meeting (eng)

JJC Census meeting (sp)


Rubin Next Steps

Census -- Shape the Future

Biz Expo

Parent Cafe 020720

PEHS Pancakes and Mattress Sale

PEHS Mock Dance Team tryout

Pizza Palooza

PPCN suicide (English)

PPCN suicide (Spanish)

GED Classes

SPED PTO 011520

Lockport Prom Dress Resale

Whooping Cough FAQ

TJ Letter 122019

CAPE scholarship 2020

Acclerated Learning Workshop

Orange House Food Drive

Montessori Workshop

PHSCC Wildcat Closet

Moose 20th turkey drop 2019

Science Assessment (eng)

Science Assessment (sp)

Organizational Chart

Fast Facts

JT West Vaping Program

Family Support Day (Eng)

Family Support Day (Sp)

Parent Cafe

2019 Band Boosters Art and Craft Fair

JFK Halloween event

Park District Volunteers

Give Something Back 2019

PF IAR Results Fall 2019 (sp)

PF IAR Results Fall 2019 (eng)

For Profit Foundation Ads

Blackhawks Foundation fundraiser

PPCN Vaping (1019)

Planetarium Updated



2019 Wilco Open House

Third Annual PSHS Marching Band

Plainfield Township Day 2019

GED classes (sp)

2019 College Fair 

Planetarium New Date

Chicago Wolves Foundation promo

College Costs 2019

JFK event

English Language Classes (ENG)

English Language Classes (SP)

Hockey Evaluations Reminder

Sky Dome Planetarium

College Application Night

I-Ready (English)

I-Ready (Spanish)

Pearl Vision


Hockey Bootcamp

Dress Resale

Immunization Clinic (sp)

Immunization Clinic (eng)

Dunk A Chief

1920 Fees and Activities Letter (sp)

1920 Fees and Activities Letter (eng)

Plainfield Fest

End of Summer Bash

Tent. 1920 state budget form

ent. 1920 budget summary unaudited

Budget PP (062419)

BTSF (sp)

BTSF (eng)

Batinick Safety Expo 2019

Summer Office Hours 2019

I-Ready Final 2019 (spa)

I-Ready Final 2019 (eng)

PA Finals Reminder

Batinick Kids Expo and Safety Day 2019

Park District 90 for $90

WS Retirement 2019

PHSCC Retirement 2019

HGMS Retirement 2019

EE Retirement 2019

Russian STARTALK program

Little Bengal Spring Sing

Future Tigers

Big Serve

JFK Food Truck



Road to Reality 2019

Success After HS

School Breakfast Program


Biliteracy Test

Final Parent Cafe (eng)

Final Parent Cafe (sp)

Family Support Day (Eng)

Family Support Day (Sp)

State HS Testing Info (eng)

State HS Testing Info (sp)

Chamber Scholarship 2019

PHSCC Environmental Program

2019 Fast Cat

Parent Cafe -- March 2019 english

Parent Cafe -- March 2019 Spanish

Bullying Awareness EL (sp)

Bullying Awareness EL (eng)

Historically Black Colleges Awareness Night

College and Career Explorations

CAPE forum rescheduled

PSHS dress extravaganza


Giving Gala 020719

CAPE Scholarship 2019

I-ready Winter 2019 letter

Prom Dress 2019

PA Pancakes 2019

Giving Gala

PPCN Screen Zombie

ESL GED classes 2nd Semester (SP)

ESL GED classes 2nd Semester (Eng)

STEP program at PHSCC

PEHS Explorations Night 2019

Parent Cafe (Eng)

Parent Cafe (SP)

MV Breakfast flier

EL ALICE letter (0119)

EL ALICE power point

Basic Mumps Information (English)

Basic Mumps Information (Spanish)

Q and A about the Mumps

Mumps Immunodeficiency

Mumps General

Mumps Exposed

CAPE Vendor and Craft Fair

2019 TGR Art Contest

2019 TGR general

PEHS sensory concert

Multicultural Reading Night (SP)

Multicultural Reading Night (Eng)

PSHS Madrigal Dinner 2018

Parent Cafe 3 (SP)

Parent Cafe 3 (Eng)

Stuff a Bus

PHSCC Wildcat Closet

School Breakfast (102518)

College Admissions (102918)

Conquering College Costs (102418)



Catholic Charities (Eng)

Catholic Charities (Sp.)

Give Something Back 101718

Give Something Back Cost Estimator 

Collge Workshop 10-5-18

Parent Cafe 10-5-18

Fee Waiver Sp.

Fee Waiver Eng.

Rachel's Challenge 2018

Wilco Open House 2018

Township Day

College Fair (Spanish)

College Fair (English)

PARCC results (English)

PARCC results (Spanish)

SEPTO meeting (091218)

Navigating Website/HAC

PPCN -- Overscheduled kids

ESL Classes 1st Semester

GED Classes 1st Semester

I-Ready Parent Letter (0918)

Parent Cafe 0818

MS Alice Training PP 0818

Senior College Application Night 2018

Plainfield Hockey 0818

Polo Club Development Statement


2018-19 Calendar

2018-19 MS Handbook

AS Class of 2021 Order Form

Athletic Tryout Dates

Catholic Charities Back to School Fair Info

Daily Announcement Sign-up

Fee Waiver (Spanish)

Fee Waiver (English)

Mark Your Calendar -- Upcoming Important Dates

Meal Application

Meal Charge Policy

Meal Program Letter

Middle School Supply List

Sibling Promotion Gown Information


18-19 State Budget Form

Will County Health Dept. Immunization Info 2018

Catholic Charities Back to School Fair 2018

2018-19 Prposed Budget Summary

2018-19 Proposed Budget PP

PEHS Summer Choir Camp

2018 Summer Office Hours

I-Ready Test 3

Culvers Fundraiser

YMCA Summer College Programs

CentrePointe Church Bash

2018 Retirement Party chart

Free and Reduced Breakfast

APT Retirement Party

PHSCC Retirement Party

Riederer Party Flier

PSHS Taylor Swift Raffle

ELL Parent University May 3, 2018

Updated Bus App Directions

Fingertip Facts

Weed Spraying 2018

PPCN Anxiety PP SP

PPCN Anxiety PP Eng

SEPTO 4-19-18 Agenda

Down the Right Path

Bus App letter

2018 Transition Conference

Anxiety Monster PPCN

ELL Computer Class

New Kindergarten Health Info (SP 0318)

New Kindergarten Health Info (ENG 0318)

CAPE scholarship 2018

Sixth grader shots late birthday

Internet Safety (Spanish)

BMcB Shingles

BPAC Self Defense

Containing College Costs

Abrell Parent Letter re: Walkouts

Seal of Biliteracy

Post High School Explorations Night

PACC Scholarship

I-Ready Diagnostic Assessment Letter (0218)

No Spring PT Conferences

CDC Flu Guidance (Jan. 23, 2018)

Flu Letter (Jan. 23, 2018)

Parent University Workshop

GED and ESL Classes

Say Yes to the Prom Dress

Custodial Flier 

Bilingual Family Reading Night

SPED PTO Meeting 2

Free and Reduced Breakfat and Lunch (Eng)

Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch (SP)

In Plain Sight

Academic Achievement 110617

Township College Fair

Parent University 

Aramark Food Service

Board Proposal

PHSCC Wildcat Closet

Give Something Back Scholarship

Community Resource Guide

PPCN 10-17

Parent University Workshop

FAFSA Workshop

SPED agend 9-28-17

Iready Parent Letter 9-22-17 (SP)

Iready Parent Letter 9-22-17

Strive Scan

Family Fun Fest

Senior College Application Night 2017 (english)

Senior College Application Night 2017 (spanish)

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