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Technology Trailblazers

"District 202 In Focus" takes an in-depth, digital look through the school year at important District 202 topics, initiatives and programs. 

In 2018-19, we focused on Curriculum and Instruction.

This installment highlights the "Technology Trailblazers" pilot program. The program leads the work being done to increase and improve the use of technology in our classrooms. We’re in the middle of a three-year "Digital Learning Initiative" to increase hardware, provide appropriate band width, improve professional development and effectively implement technology into our teaching and learning. 

Twelve "Trailblazers" - elementary, middle and high school teachers who already regularly use technology in their teaching - are working to design and test technology-based curriculum; test hardware usage in the classrooms; identify and troubleshoot logistical and educational issues; and guide and support teachers trying out new technology-centered learning plans.