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Home Administration Laura Shervino (Weed)

Laura Shervino (Weed)

Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

Cheril Phillips

My responsibilities include...

  • Lead and creator of the Instructional Technology Coaches for Plainfield School District and the Instructional Technology Hub.

  • Created and implemented the blended learning initiative for all schools in Plainfield School District.

  • Providing professional development to administrators and/or teachers focused on leadership and blended learning strategies.

  • Selects and supports instructional teachings committees to assess and recommend instructional practices.

  • Presents information at Committee and Community Board Meetings.

  • Works with the District Office of Superintendents and Directors on decision-making for the 25,000 students registered in Plainfield School District.

  • Leader, creator, and facilitator of district-wide curriculum committees focused on digital literacy, digital citizenship, and blended learning.


The Director of Digital Learning and Innovation reports to Dr. Paula Sereleas    |     (815) 577-4809