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Registration Requirements

When registering as a new student to Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202, the following information will be required. Click on the links below to get more information.

  1. Completed Registration Forms
  2. Official Certified Embossed Birth Certificate issued by the county/country where the student was born.  We cannot accept the decorative footprint hospital certificate.  You may register with a copy of the original birth certificate and then produce the original within 30 days to the school.
  3. Photo I.D. of Person Enrolling the Student (or Valid Passport)
  4. Legal Custody/Guardianship Documents pertaining to the custody of the student (if applicable). You must provide a divorce decree or legal guardianship papers (Guardianship Affidavit)
  5. Current Health Requirements - Find Health Requirements here
  6. Current Physical dated within the last 12 months of the start of school and it must meet Illinois State requirements.
  7. Current Immunizations must be noted on the Physical
  8. Most Recent IEP, if applicable - If the student is receiving special education services, you must provide a copy of the most recent Individualized Education Program in order to set up appropriate placement.
  9. For High School Students Only - Unofficial transcripts, Withdrawal grades, and Class Schedules are required.  High School students need to provide these additional documents in order to set up a class schedule and insure proper credit.
  10. 3 Proofs of Residency - 1 or 2 from each Category to make 3 total

    Category A - One or two of the following:

    • Most recent real estate tax bill, OR
    • Lease agreement for currently occupied residence, OR
    • Settlement Statement (signed and within 30 days), OR
    • Truth in Lending Statements (signed and within 30 days), OR
    • Warranty Deed (within 30 days), OR
    • Mortgage Statement / Payment Book (within 30 days), OR
    • Bill of Sale (within 30 days), OR
    • Military Housing Letter, OR
    • A notarized Student Residency Questionnaire, along with the homeowner's proof of residency, AND

    Category B - One or two of the following:

    • Photo ID from Foreign Consulate (within 3 months)
    • Letter from Government Agency (within 30 days)
    • Utility bill naming you the responsible person at the address (within 30 days)
    • Homeowner/renter insurance for that address (within 3 months)
    • Cable Bill (within 30 days)
    • Automobile registration (within 3 months)
    • Bank Statement (within 30 days)
    • State Identification (within 6 months)

NOTE: If you do not own or rent the home in which you are residing, please obtain the residency affidavit and bring the documents listed on the cover sheet of that document.

  1. Payment: Please refer to the Fee Statement included for Elementary and Middle School in the registration packet. High School Student fees are paid at the school during the appointment with the counselor.


Registration by nonresident families (in the process of establishing residency) will be allowed at any time throughout the school year. New families moving into the district who wish to register before occupying their residence must:


  • Move into the district within 120 calendar days of enrollment
  • Provide proof of residency within two weeks after moving into the District
  • Pay a $350.00 non-refundable fee per family.


Payments may be in the form of a check, cash, VISA or MasterCard. This payment will be separate from any school fees.