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Procedures for Early Dismissal

School will not normally be dismissed early. Early dismissal produces complications for parents who may be away from their homes. When weather or emergency conditions dictate an early closing, however, these procedures will be followed:

  1. A Connect-ED message will be distributed to the affected community.
  2. The radio stations listed above will be notified.
  3. Walking students should have notes from home on file in the school office indicating a neighbor's home to which they can go if their own parents are not at home.
  4. Unless other written arrangements are on file in the principal's office, bus students will be transported home.
  5. Schools will remain open at least 30 minutes after the last child has left to allow personnel to respond to any unusual circumstances.
  6. If a complete bus route becomes impossible, the bus will return to school, and parents will be consulted concerning arrangements for transportation and/or lodging. Parents should also make sure that they have given building secretaries up-to-date information on where they can be reached, as well as the names of friends who are able to respond if called.