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6:42 Curriculum Design

Equal Educational Opportunities for All Students
The Board of Education recognizes the varying needs of the many students attending the Plainfield Schools. It is the intent of this Board to provide, within the limits of its resources, equitable, challenging and functional educational opportunities for all students regardless of their age, sex, race, color, national origin, handicap, interests or various aptitudes.

Specificity of the Objectives
All curriculum development must begin with a clear, concise statement of the objectives to be accomplished. Though not wishing to restrict and limit the specific content, statements of purpose, with few exceptions, should be sufficiently precise in terms of the outcomes expected as to allow for observable or measurable gains to be determined.

Breadth of the Objectives
Recognizing the District's commitment to the provision of equal educational opportunities for all students and to the total development of each child, the objectives for each curriculum should be sufficiently broad as to provide for social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Outline of Content
Although the District recognizes how important it is to not limit the creative efforts of staff, it is critical that a general outline of the content be established as a part of the curriculum planning process. This outline of content should not dictate a teaching style nor should it be all inclusive.

The intent of all curricula is to produce desired changes in student performance. It is important for curriculum revision, program articulation and integration that the design include efficient, reliable evaluative strategies.

Vertical Articulation
The District recognizes the inherent articulation potential of a K-12 organization.  Hence, it is important that District 202 structure a curriculum which is a logical, orderly and efficient hierarchy of the educational experiences beginning at the elementary level and continuing through the secondary school.

Horizontal Articulation

The Board recognizes the necessity of sequential development of students in the various subjects as they proceed through the system; however, the District also must accept its responsibility to assist students to integrate the growth and development that occurs in different subject areas. Fragmented and unconnected experiences, information and concepts serve little functional value. Hence, curriculum planning and design must insure integration of the various subjects.

AMENDED:  November 14, 1988 per recommendation from State Board of Education, Dorothy L. Magett, Associate Superintendent

ADOPTED:   November 22, 2004