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6:160 English Learners

The District offers opportunities for resident English Learners to achieve at high levels in academic subjects and to meet the same challenging State academic standards that all children are expected to meet.  The Superintendent or designee shall develop and maintain a program for English Learners that will:

  1. Assist all English Learners to achieve English proficiency, facilitate effective communication in English, and encourage full participation in school activities and programs as well as promote participation by the parents/guardians of English Learners.
  2. Appropriately identify students with limited English language proficiency.
  3. Comply with State law regarding Transitional Bilingual Educational program (TBE) or Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI), whichever is applicable.
  4. Comply with any applicable State and federal law requirements for the receipt of federal grant money for English Learners and programs to serve them.
  5. Determine the appropriate instructional environment for English Learners.
  6. Annually assess the English proficiency of English Learners and monitor their progress in order to determine their readiness for a mainstream classroom environment. 
  7. Include English Learners, to the extent required by State and federal law, in the District’s student assessment program to measure their achievement in reading/language arts and mathematics.
  8. Provide information to the parents/guardians of English Learners about: (a) the reasons for their child’s identification, (b) their child’s level of English proficiency, (c) the method of instruction to be used, (d) how the program will meet their child’s needs, (e) how the program will specifically help their child learn English and meet age-appropriate academic achievement standards for grade promotion and graduation, (f) specific exit requirements of the program, (g) how the program will meet their child’s IEP, if applicable, and (h) information on parent/guardian rights. 

Parental Involvement
Parents/guardians of English Learners will be informed how they can: (1) be involved in the education of their children, and (2) be active participants in assisting their children to attain English proficiency, achieve at high levels within a well-rounded education, and meet the challenging State academic standards expected of all students.

LEGAL REF.:  20 U.S.C. §§6312, 6314, 6315 and 6318.
                       20 U.S.C. §6801 et seq.34 C.F.R. Part 200.
                       105 ILCS 5/14C-1 et seq.
                       23 Ill.Admin.Code Part 228.

CROSS REF.:  6:15 (School Accountability), 6:170 (Title I Programs), 6:340 (Student Testing and Assessment Program)

ADOPTED:  November 22, 2004

REVISED:  June 22, 2009
                   March 26, 2012
                   January 25, 2016
                   January 26, 2017

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