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6:190 Extracurricular Activities

The Board of Education shall, upon recommendation of the Superintendent, approve all District-sponsored extra-curricular and programs, using the following criteria:

  1. The program will contribute to the leadership abilities, social well-being, self-realization, good citizenship, or general growth of members.
  2. Fees are reasonable and do not exceed the actual cost of operation.
  3. Student body desires are considered.
  4. The activity will be supervised by a school-approved sponsor.

Building Principals are responsible for the scheduling and announcing of student extra-curricular and activities. 

Non-school sponsored student groups are governed by the District's policy on student use of school buildings.

Academic Criteria for Participation

For students in kindergarten through 8th grades:  Selection of members or participants is at the discretion of the teachers, sponsors, or coaches, provided that the selection criteria conform to the District's policies.  Students must satisfy all academic standards and must comply with the activity's rules and the student conduct code.

For high school students:  Selection of members or participants is at the discretion of the teachers, sponsors, or coaches, provided that the selection criteria conform to the District’s policies. Participation in activities is dependent upon course selection and successful progress in those courses.  In order to be eligible to participate in any school-sponsored or school-supported athletic or extra-curricular activity, a student must satisfy the Illinois High School Association’s scholastic standing requirements (doing passing work in at least 20 credit hours of high school work per week). Any student-participant failing to meet these academic criteria shall be suspended from the activity for 7 calendar days. 

Extra-curricular, Intramural, and Interscholastic Programs
Student organizations which have purposes and activities that are consistent with the objectives of the Plainfield Public Schools shall be encouraged.  The chartering of student organizations shall be approved by the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee who shall consider such factors as the following: purposes of the organization, membership and activities as set forth in a written constitution and subject to the requirements of the law.

Activities of student organizations are subject to the same standards as the instructional program with respect to such matters as physical safety, educational and cultural values and intellectual honesty.

Any affiliation of a student organization with an outside organization must be clearly described in writing and a charter of the parent club must be made part of the record at the time of application for approval.  Membership in the local student organizations shall be limited to students enrolled in the schools; however, school organizations shall be open to all students in the school in accordance with the purposes and activities established in their charters. Each student organization shall have a faculty sponsor approved by the Superintendent or the Superintendent's designee.

A program of extra-curricular, intramural and interscholastic activities shall be provided in the junior high school and high school to both extend and supplement the various educational programs in the schools. The purposes of such activity shall include skill development and growth in interpersonal relations.

Home-Schooled Student Participation
When a student enrolled in private, non-public or home schooled institutions is allowed by the Board of Education to try out or participate in any extra-curricular activity, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1. He/she satisfies District residency requirements.
  2. The Athletic Director is furnished with cumulative weekly academic progress reports demonstrating his compliance with standard IHSA and Plainfield High School academic requirements for participation in extra-curricular activities.
  3. He/she agrees to continually comply with all other normal requirements for participation, such as attendance at practices, meeting team standards, and/or other requirements or restrictions normally placed on participants.
  4. He/she agrees to adhere to the requirements of the Student Handbook and Athletic Code.
  5. IHSA Rules and Regulations do not otherwise prohibit his/her participation based on eligibility standards.
  6. He/she continues to receive instruction in a home schooled curriculum approved by the North Central Association (or other District accreditation agency).

If at any time the student is unable or unwilling to comply with these requirements, we further recommend that the student’s privileges, which have been granted with regard to participation, be withdrawn.

NOTE: The High School Athletic Extra-curricular Student and Parent Handbook and High School Non-Athletic Extra-curricular Student and Parent Handbook supersedes field trip policy Sections A and B related to student athlete expectations of behavior at all times.

CROSS REF.:  4:170 (Safety), 7:10 (Equal Educational Opportunities),7:40 (Nonpublic School Students, Including Parochial and Home-Schooled Students), 7:240 (Conduct Code for Participants In Extra-curricular Activities), 7:300 (Extracurricular Athletics), 7:330 (Access to School Facilities by Non-School Sponsored Student Groups)

ADOPTED:     November 22, 2004
December 16, 2013