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6:240 Field Trips

Section A:  School District Sponsored and Sanctioned Field Trips

The Board of Education recognizes that the first-hand learning experiences provided by field trips can be an effective and worthwhile means of learning when properly planned and implemented, and when such study is directly an extension of the educational program. Field trips are defined as school-sponsored and school-chaperoned activities consisting of one or more students that investigate or participate in real and life-like experiences away from the classroom. All approved field trips must meet educational objectives of the District. The Board encourages a limited number of field trips for students within the school day and also will consider a very limited number of secondary overnight field trips when such trips are an appropriate extension of a classroom or extra-curricular activity, when such trips do not significantly disrupt the students' educational program and when such field trips are recommended by the administration. All proposed overnight, out-of-state, or out-of-country field trips must have approval of the Board of Education prior to distribution of tour details to students.

Approved class trips, student organization trips, or extra-curricular trips shall be viewed as school-sponsored activities. As a result, students involved in such trips are under the guidelines of the appropriate school handbook. Student participation in these activities shall be voluntary, and students who do not participate shall not be adversely affected in terms of their course requirements, grades, eligibility to participate in other activities of the class, organization, or extra-curricular group. The Administration shall take reasonable steps to see that no student shall be excluded from participation because of inability to pay.

School personnel shall not receive compensation from travel agencies, similar organizations, or persons involved in school district sponsored trips.

Students on District-approved field trips must be under the supervision of a teacher or responsible adult(s) designated by the teacher and the administration. Students also fall under all District 202 policies, rules and regulations when on school-approved field trips. Any violation of student rules and regulations may result in action as outlined in the student handbooks and Board of Education policies.

District 202 encourages travel study programs which take place during the school day and utilize resources available in northeastern Illinois. District 202 also recognizes the advantages of informal family travel study programs during times that District 202 is not in session.

The chaperone/student ratio will be established in consultation between the sponsor of the activity, the building administrator, and the host facility.  Final approval of chaperone/student ratio rests with the administration.

The Superintendent shall develop procedures to implement this policy.

Section B:  Privately Sponsored Student Trips

The School District and the Board of Education will not sanction and/or sponsor any privately created or administered student trips or travel study programs. No travel agencies, or any other organizations or persons, shall be permitted to come into the school for the purpose of advertising, promoting, or enrolling students for privately sponsored travel study program and trips. School personnel shall not, on school grounds, in connection with school activities, or in their capacity as an employee of the Board of Education, advertise or enroll students for privately sponsored travel study programs or trips. School personnel participating in privately sponsored student trips shall disclaim, in writing, separation or sponsorship by the School District and its Board of Education.

Students on privately sponsored trips or travel study programs are under the supervision of the private sponsoring agency; therefore, all District 202 policies, rules, and regulations, as outlined in the student handbooks and Board of Education Policies are not applicable or enforceable.

NOTE:       The High School Athletic Extra-curricular Student and Parent Handbook and High School Non-Athletic Extra-curricular Student and Parent Handbook supersedes field trip policy Sections A and B related to student athlete expectations of behavior at all times.

CROSS REF.:  7:270 (Administering Medicines to Students)

ADOPTED:  November 22, 2004