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7:150 Agency and Police Interviews

The Superintendent shall develop procedures to manage requests by agency officials or police officers to interview students at school. Procedures will: (1) recognize individual student rights and privacy, (2) minimize potential disruption, (3) foster a cooperative relationship with public agencies and law enforcement, and (4) comply with State law.

LEGAL REF.:  55 ILCS 80, Children’s Advocacy Center Act.
325 ILCS 5, Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.
720 ILCS 5/31-1 et seq., Interference with Public Officers Act.
725 ILCS 120/, Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act.

CROSS REF.:  7:130 (Student Rights and Responsibilities), 7:140 (Search and Seizure), 7:190 (Student Behavior)

ADOPTED:  November 22, 2004

REVISED:  January 24, 2011
                   August 22, 2016

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