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8:100 Relations with Other Organizations and Agencies

The District shall cooperate with other organizations and agencies, including the:

  • County health department;
  • Law enforcement agencies;
  • Fire authorities;
  • Planning authorities;
  • Zoning authorities;
  • Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IMEA), local organizations for civil defense, and appropriate disaster relief organizations concerned with civil defense
  • Other school districts

Relations with Governmental Authorities
The Board and its administration welcome the opportunity to participate with other agencies serving the residents of this area in planning and executing projects deemed mutually beneficial. Intergovernmental agreements shall be encouraged in those instances where the results are either improved benefits to children or maintenance of equivalent programs at lesser cost to the School District.

Relations with Other Schools and School Districts
On an annual basis, the Board of Education shall consider joining or renewing its membership in area cooperatives formed to provide special or extended services to students residing within any of the school districts. The purpose of forming and/or joining an educational cooperative shall be to provide specific services to residents at a cost savings to the school system. It shall be the policy of the Board to continue membership in any cooperative as long as the best educational interests of the students and those of the school system may be thus served.

Education Agency Relations Goals
It is the intent of the Board of Education to cooperate to the maximum possible extent with other schools and with other local, state and regional agencies and organizations in the solution of educational problems of common concern. The Board shall also cooperate with parochial and private schools in matters of mutual benefit where not expressly prohibited by law.

Will County Vocational Center
The Board of Education maintains membership in the Will County Area Career Center (WILCO) so that juniors and seniors may have vocational career opportunities beyond that afforded at Plainfield High School. Meetings of the WILCO Board of Directors are open to the public. Information concerning WILCO can be obtained by contacting the District 202 Superintendent.

Relations with Education Research and Service Centers
It is the policy of District 202 to cooperate with colleges, universities and other agencies in research which has the potential to produce valid and reliable results and to contribute towards the improvement of education. No research is to be undertaken in the Plainfield Schools without written authorization from the Superintendent of Schools.

Research which is conducted in District 202 shall be in accordance with the following parameters:

  1. Questionnaires and interview questions will be submitted in advance to the Superintendent and will not include items which invade the area of personal rights or which raise questions of a personal nature relative to status, race, creed or color.
  2. Outlines will be submitted and should be of sufficient scope and depth to justify the time and effort to be consumed.
  3. In general, student work will not be interrupted unless there seems to be real significance to the study.
  4. In the case of student projects, prior written approval by a faculty member of the institution attended will be required. This faculty member shall have some responsibility related to the student's project.
  5. Written notification will be given to parents which explains the project, including the amount of student time and the utilization of the data. Such notification will include sufficient time for parents to remove their child from participation in the project if they disapprove of it.

CROSS REF.:  1:20 (District Organization, Operations and Cooperative Agreements), 4:170 (Safety), 5:90 (Abused and Neglected Child Reporting), 7:150 (Agency and Police Interviews)

ADOPTED:  November 22, 2004

REVISED:  December 14, 2009