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4:112 Student Automobile Use

Students are discouraged from driving their own automobiles to and from school. Certain students who are in school-sponsored cooperative work programs may be given permission by the Principal or the Principal's designee to drive their own automobiles to and from school and shall be issued parking permits to park in specified areas on the campus. All other students are prohibited from driving to school.

Eligible students may apply for parking permits and may be allowed to park their cars in specially designated areas under regulations published in the high school student handbook.

All students driving automobiles to and from school shall have a parking permit and shall observe all safety regulations. Students may be denied the privilege of driving an automobile to school for good cause as interpreted by school authorities.

Any unauthorized student driving a car to school faces suspension. Further, any student driving an automobile to a school campus does so at their own risk. Students and parents must sign a statement waiving School District responsibility for any automobile damage or bodily injury as a condition for a permit to be issued.

ADOPTED:            November 22, 2004