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5:122 Conflict of Interest

The following employees must file a "Statement of Economic Interests" as required by the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act: 

  1. Superintendent,
  2. Building Principal,
  3. Head of any department,
  4. Any employee responsible for negotiating contracts, including collective bargaining agreement, in the amount of $1,000 or greater,
  5. Hearing officer,
  6. Any employee having supervisory authority for 20 or more employees, and
  7. Any employee in a position that requires an administrative or a chief school business official endorsement.

Ethics and Gift Ban 
Board policy 2:105, Ethics and Gift Ban, applies to all District employees.  Students shall not be used in any manner for promoting a political candidate or issue.
Political Activities
District employees shall not let their political activities interfere with their job responsibilities.  Students shall not be used in any manner for promoting a political candidate or issue.
Outside Employment and Conflict of Interest
No District employee shall be directly or indirectly interested in any contract, work, or business of the District, or in the sale of any article by or to the District, except when the employee is the author or developer of instructional materials listed with the State Board of Education and adopted for use by the Board.  An employee having an interest in instructional materials must file an annual statement with the Board Secretary. 
For the purpose of acquiring profit or personal gain, no employee shall act as an agent of the District nor shall an employee act as an agent of any business in any transaction with the District.
Employees shall not engage in any other employment or in any private business during regular working hours or at such other times as are necessary to fulfill appropriate assigned duties.
It is the policy of Plainfield Community Consolidated School District No. 202 that the workplace be free from conflicts of interest between employees. To this end, the following policy is in effect for all employees.
The Superintendent, or any employee of this School District, shall not be engaged in any business or occupation interfering with or inconsistent with the duties of his or her office or employment.
No staff member employed by the Board of Education shall have any interest in the sale, proceeds or profits of any program, publication, supplies, apparatus, furniture or service used and/or developed in the School District, with the exception of software.  The staff member shall not use any School District resources, including student or staff personnel time, to develop any such interest. This policy does not prevent independent interests from being developed by the staff member outside School District jurisdiction.
Violation by the Superintendent or any employee of paragraph two (2) of this section shall be cause for dismissal or other disciplinary action in accordance with lawful procedures.
It is not a conflict of interest if the spouse of the Superintendent, employee or staff member provides services or merchandise to the District so long as the Superintendent, employee or staff member does not, with respect to the spouse's business, have an ownership interest in the business, does not have a contractual relationship with the business, does not receive a share of the profits of the business and is independent from the operation of the business.

LEGAL REF.: U.S. Constitution, First Amendment.
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50 ILCS 135/1 et seq.
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ADOPTED: November 22, 2004