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5:124 Supervision and Evaluation of Immediate Family Members

Immediate family members or relatives may not be directly supervised or evaluated by one another.

Immediate family members or relatives are defined as parent, legal guardian, spouse, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, any parents in law, brothers in law, sisters in law, step-relationship of these individuals and any marital relationship.

The only exception to this policy is in the realm of extracurricular activities, in which case immediate family members or relatives of Head Coaches/Lead Sponsors may be employed to work in the same program for compensation as long as it’s determined they are the most highly-qualified applicant and are hired, supervised, and directly evaluated by the Principal or their designee.  Nothing in this policy or in this exception should be misinterpreted to compromise our commitment to giving APT members priority consideration when filling extracurricular assignments.

This policy is not retroactive and will not result in transfer or dismissal of a District employee if, at the time the policy is adopted, there is a supervisory relationship otherwise prohibited by this policy.

ADOPTED: November 22, 2004

UPDATED: February 25, 2013