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5:170 GENERAL PERSONNEL - Copyright

Works Made for Hire
The Superintendent shall manage the development of instructional materials and computer programs by employees during the scope of their employment in accordance with State and federal laws and School Board policies.  Whenever an employee is assigned to develop instructional materials and/or computer programs or otherwise performs such work within the scope of his or her employment, it is assured the district shall be the owner of the copyright. 
Copyright Compliance
While staff members may use appropriate supplementary materials, it is each staff member’s responsibility to abide by the District's copyright compliance procedures and to obey the copyright laws.  The District is not responsible for any violations of the copyright laws by its staff or students.  A staff member should contact the Superintendent or designee whenever the staff member is uncertain about whether using or copying material complies with the District’s procedures or is permissible under the law, or wants assistance on when and how to obtain proper authorization. No staff member shall, without first obtaining the permission of the Superintendent or designee, install or download any program on a District-owned computer.  At no time shall it be necessary for a District staff member to violate copyright laws in order to properly perform his or her duties.

LEGAL REF.:    Federal Copyright Law of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 101 et seq.
105 ILCS 5/10-23.10.

CROSS REF.: 6:235 (Access to Electronic Networks)

ADOPTED: January 10, 2000

REVISED: May 29, 2018