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5:206 Tutoring for Pay

Teachers may accept compensation for tutoring students enrolled in District 202 schools as long as the student is not enrolled in the school where the teacher is assigned, with the exception of choral or instrumental instructors, or with other prior written approval given by the Superintendent or designee.

Instrumental Music Lessons by Private Teachers
When private, in-school music lessons will help individual music students and the District music program, as a service to students and parents, District music teachers may invite District-approved private music teachers to conduct private music lessons in the District. Private teachers must apply to the District and be accepted as a District private music teacher before they can schedule private lessons in the schools.  To be eligible, private teachers must fill out the approved teacher application form, be accepted by the District, and must sign a hold-harmless and indemnification agreement prior to acceptance. The District will consider teaching and music expertise, personal references, and other background evaluation required of District employees before placement on the approved list.   All private teachers must conform to all District and building policies and administrative procedures for teachers and other employees.

Although there will be no charge to the private teacher for the use of the District’s facilities, private teachers must submit a lesson and material fee list to the District for approval before fees may be charged to parents or students.

Parents will contract directly with the private teachers, and all payments must be made directly by parents to the private teachers.  The District or its employees will not participate in fee collection or facilitate equipment rental between private teachers or outside vendors unless approved in advance by the Board of Education.

CROSS REF.:  5:120 (Ethics)

ADOPTED:  November 22, 2004

REVISED:  October 22, 2007