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Spectrum Youth Singers Open Rehearsals, Plainfield

Spectrum Youth Singers Open Rehearsals, Plainfield - Download Flyer

Gender: Both Genders
Staff or Students: Staff and Students
Grade Level: All Grades
School: All Schools

Do you love singing? Are you curious to join a choir but not sure where to start? Come along to Spectrum Youth Singers free open rehearsals. If you are eager to learn, we will teach you to sing! Please email to save a spot. Spectrum Youth Singers is a fun, inclusive space for young singers to improve their skills and make new friends. Join our girl’s ensemble (grades 6 – 9) on Sept 14, 21 and boy’s ensemble (grades 6 – 10) on Sept 22 for a taster. Safety protocols will be observed. Exciting plans for the year include collaborations with choirs from around the globe, small group lessons, one-on-ones, leadership training, and a performance at the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra Holiday concert. If your child is in grades 3 – 5, ask about our in-person programs. Online class for children in grades 2 – 6 to star in their own movie: “Let’s Make a Movie Musical.”

End Date: 2021-09-24