The Plainfield School District Foundation for Excellence recognizes the importance and value of being involved in the community in which one lives. To honor the contribution of student volunteers, the Foundation will recognize up to 10 graduating seniors from all District 202 High Schools including Plainfield Academy by awarding $1,000 Community Service Scholarships.

Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on the student’s involvement and active participation in school and community volunteer activities. The $1,000 Scholarship must be used to further the student’s education whether at a post secondary college or university, a junior college or a trade or technology school.

The application deadline is March 26, 2021

Student Information:
First Name:

Last Name:

Student ID #:

Email Address:

Main Contact Phone Number:

Home Address:


Community Service Experience Information:

Please list any service and volunteer activities or clubs that you participated in at your high school (NHS, Key Club, etc). Please include the name of the group of club, any positions held, hours spent in those activities and sponsor's name and contact information.


Please list all volunteer activities that you particiapted in outside of school. Activities would include church, hospitals, food pantries, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, youth groups, tutoring, etc. Please include the name of the group, how many hours you volunteered during your high school years and a contact name and phone number.


Write a brief description on what volunteering for your community has brought to your life and how you believe it will impact you in the future. (150-200 words)


Please provide contact information (name and phone number) for an adult reference with whom you have worked in a voluntary capacity.


I have read and understand the guidelines for receiving a scholarship. I agree to abide by these guidelines.

I agree and acknowlegde the terms above.


Applications are due no later than 5 p.m. March 26, 2021, no exceptions.

Scholarship recipients will be recognized at each school's Senior Awards Night.