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Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202
Education Partners
SPECIAL DISPATCH - PARCC Scores Now Posted December 11, 2015


December 11, 2015

Education Partners,

Good morning.

A few weeks ago, we posted the 2015 State Report Card for our community, and noted that it did not yet include the results of last spring's PARCC state standardized test. We promised to alert you when those results became public.

The 2015 PARCC results have now been added to the State Report Card.

In a nutshell:

  • About 38 percent of all District 202 students tested last spring met the new, higher and more challenging state learning expectations for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. That tops the state composite of about 28 percent meeting and exceeding.
  • By subject, about 41 percent of our students met or exceeded for ELA, and about 35 percent met or exceeded for Math. In both cases our schools topped the state averages.

These scores aren't as high as we're used to seeing under the old state standardized testing system, but they shouldn't come as a surprise or cause too much concern.

Remember that this is a new test, measuring new learning expectations. Our scores will rise as our students adjust to the new system, just like they did with ISAT/PSAE.

More news later today...

Tom Hernandez

Director of Community Relations


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