School Safety

To ensure schools are prepared to proactively handle the threat of an intruder or active shooter, PSD202 utilizes ALICE.

ALICE stand for:

  • Alert - Initial alert of an emergency; tell people what is going on (call 911)

  • Lockdown - If evacuation is not a safe option, lock and barricade the door

  • Inform - Communicate real time information on the intruder’s location. Use clear and direct language using any communication means

  • Counter - As a last resort, if the intruder invades your “safe area”, distract the shooter’s ability to shoot accurately. Prepare to throw items at the shooter, if necessary

  • Evacuate - When given real time information and it is safe to do so, run from the danger

For more information on ALICE training, please visit their website.

For more information on PSD202's safety procedures, please refer to our brochure:

Below is some more information from our Safety Committee: