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February 28, 2020
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Animal Quest brought animals to Walker’s Grove Elementary School to teach third graders about animal traits and habitats and how they survive in different environments. Students closed their eyes and then guessed what animal they had touched. These students were shocked to learn they had just pet a hedgehog.

Hello, District 202 Education Partners,

Here is this week’s selection of D. 202 news and information:


census 2020, everyone counts!

The 2020 Census will be conducted this spring. April 1st is Census Day! It is vitally important to our community that everyone be counted.

Here is some basic information about the Census.

Did You Know?

Census data help determine our legislative representation in Congress and our share of $675 billion in federal funding.

This year, for the first time ever, we will be able to complete the Census on our phones and computers – and of course the “old fashioned” way, too, on paper!

We will start to receive 2020 Census forms in the mail in mid-March.

Here's what the forms will look like:


For more information please visit 2020Census.gov 

This Week's Highlights
  • The Board of Education will meet in special session to conduct a self-evaluation at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 10, 2020.
  • The new edition of the “D. 202 Talks” pod/videocast highlights the Student Ambassador group, which shares student information and ideas with the Board of Education.

The award honors teachers and non-administrative staff whose work on behalf of students, and support of District 202 has been exceptional in some way.


Plainfield East High School junior named Illinois archery state champion
Feb 28, 2020
D. 202 high school journalists do well at SPC conference competition
Feb 28, 2020
Forty-seven D. 202 high school students to compete at DECA state conference
Feb 26, 2020
District 202 high schools present 2020 spring musicals
Feb 26, 2020
FEB 28
Teacher Institute - No Student Attendance
MAR 06
End of Third Quarter
MAR 09
School Improvement Day - Early Release
MAR 10
Board of Education special meeting
MAR 11
Board of Education Committee meetings
MAR 16
Board of Education regular meeting
Kudos and Congratulations
  • Creekside Elementary School 4th grade teacher Patti Owen’s class collected over 500 items for the children at St. Jude Hospital. Their goal was 350 items.
  • Several members of the District 202 co-op swim team will compete at the boys’ state swim meet this weekend:
    • From PNHS
      • Alex Dvorak -- senior (200-yard freestyle relay; 200-yard individual medley; 400-yard freestyle relay; 100-yard breaststroke; 400-yard freestyle relay; 100-yard breaststroke)
      • Liam Davis – senior (200-yard freestyle relay; 100-yard butterfly; 400-yard freestyle relay; 500-yard freestyle)
      • Jack Burke – sophomore (400-yard freestyle relay; 100-yard backstroke)
  • From PEHS 
    • Marc Avery – senior (200-yard freestyle relay; 50-yard freestyle; 100-yard freestyle; 400-yard freestyle relay)
    • Jeremy Suarez – sophomore (200-yard freestyle relay)
Week in Review


These District 202 social media posts got the most attention and feedback this week:
facebook image from facebook When Plainfield North High School junior Thomas Brooks found out there was a need for a micro-food pantry on the north side of Plainfield, he took it upon himself to build one. “When I first discovered there was a need for more micro pantries, because the others are getting used so much, I figured the more we can build, the better,” Brooks said. Brooks, who is a Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 13 in Plainfield, decided to build a micro-food pantry for his Eagle Scout project as part of the process to earn the Eagle Scout rank. He will complete the program requirements this spring. After deciding to build a micro-food pantry, Brooks decided to locate it on the north side of Plainfield at the Keller Williams real estate office located at 11850 Illinois Route 59, Plainfield. It will officially open after a dedication ceremony on February 22, 2020. Not only was there a need in Plainfield for another micro-food pantry but placing it on the north side would allow him to help families at PNHS. “I noticed there are people who are in need in our community, you can’t always tell who they are,” Brooks said. “They look and talk like everyone else, but you may not know they truly need help.” People often wrongly think those who live on the north side of Plainfield have a lot of money, Brooks said. “We have plenty of people here in this school that need assistance. Everyone, no matter where they are in our community, who needs assistance can use this micro-food pantry,” he said. #202proud Read more: www.psd202.org/news/1468

twitter PEHS students in Mr.Hill’s classroom use collaborative features of the Trail Blazer blended learning model to pract… https://t.co/zpecjG9tpd

instagram image from instagram Valentine's Day and monsters go hand-in-hand, right? They do if you are a Grand Prairie Elementary School second grader in Laura Klima's class. Students created monster bags by buying colorful parts from eyeballs and mouths to bodies and legs. Students used lots of skills to make their monsters including: * Making sure they had the correct amount of money to buy the monster parts; * Making sure their orders were accurate; * Using their fine motor skills to cut out and glue the monsters together; * Using teamwork to make sure all their classmates got their monsters created. Oh and they had a lot of fun! Visit http://www.psd202.org/album/13/1999 to see some of their cute, er, scary creations! #202proud #GrandPrairieElementarySchool #valentinesday2020 #creativity #math #money


The District 202 Community Relations Department is traveling around the district taking pictures and videos. Check out what our students have been up to!

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…for your continued support of our students and staff.


Have a good weekend.

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