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Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202
Education Partners
SPECIAL DISPATCH - IMPORTANT -- School Calendar Change for Elections March 23, 2016


March 23, 2016

Education Partners,

As you know, the state Primary Election was held last Tuesday. As usual, most of our schools were used as polling places. Some parents shared concerns about the safety of allowing voters into the schools during the school day.

We understand those concerns, given today's realities. The safety of our students and staff is always our top priority.

Therefore, we are going to change the 2016-17 school calendar so that students will not attend school on either November 8, 2016 (the general election); or April 4, 2017 (a primary election.)

***It is important to understand that the County Clerk prefers to use schools as polling places because they tend to be centrally located and easily accessible. What's more, even if we objected, the Clerk can legally compel us to use our buildings.

Making Election Day a day of non-attendance for students is the best "compromise" solution to allow us to protect our students' safety and also be a good governmental partner. 

We will re-approve and publicize the amended calendar as soon as possible. 

Thank you to everyone who took time to share their thoughts, concerns and suggestions on this topic. We greatly appreciate the input.

Have a good afternoon,

Tom Hernandez

Director of Community Relations


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