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Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202
Education Partners
SPECIAL DISPATCH - Custodial Services Bid March 9, 2016


March 9, 2016

Education Partners,

Just FYI, yesterday afternoon we published the official "Request for Bids" for custodial services and posted that RFP on the district web site, as we normally do. 

Typically we don't alert you about bid requests, but we thought we'd do so this time, given the community interest in the process to research the possibility of outsourcing custodial services.

This process is strictly governed by law to ensure transparency.  

To that end, here are two Key Dates:

  • the Board of Education will publicly review and consider all bids at its April 11, 2016 regular meeting, and
  • the Board of Education will hold a public hearing on the proposed subcontracting at its April 25, 2016 regular meeting.

Have a good day.

Tom Hernandez

Director of Community Relations

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